Power of an inconsistent worldview and your personal mission to the church.

The inconsistency that can be muddled into a worldview/belief never ceases to amaze me. Not that I have this all figured out, but the lack of seeking truth in the knowledge of one’s beliefs (any belief, not just spiritual) disheartens me a great deal.

This lack of consistency then begins to permeate all other aspects of life. I see it as one small-uninformed choice, follows another small-uninformed choice, after a 10 choices the offending person turns around in udder amazement wondering how they got to where they are. I see this anomaly in my business life far too often. In the book “Who needs Theology” (Grenz and Olson, 1996) they used a quote from Socrates to drive this point home. “The un-examined life is not worth living”. This un-reflective/uninformed living, whether in developing a belief structure or dealing with life’s issues basically creates a mess of things. Deny something because it is truly not true, not because you do not like it or think it has is stupid. In land navigation techniques, you are taught to fix your eyes on a distant point to find your way. In this case, the navigation is life and the distant point would be Jesus.

On to the point a personal mission inside the Church, this is under heavy thoughts and not fully formed to date. I admire someone that has an unwavering love and concern to those who are not intimately close, and see that as a “growth area” within myself. For me, this whole adventure is so far out of my wheelhouse the thought of training or enlightening someone to the power of the Holy Spirit is downright frightening. It is one thing to make business points in a business environment. It is another when you are poking your fingers into someone’s belief/thought/worldview processes.

Any community called a church is Jesus church; we are designed to worship in fellowship with others. He (Jesus) thought of it, he brings tremendous people to it to see that it grows, and he will sustain it through his great providence. Now that being said, and if Jesus brought my family and me to Church community to worship, were rather required to assist with the mission. This concludes too, each member of the body has gifts, and there is only so many staff to go around doing the work. If through my God provided gifts, I can “till the evangelical soil” if you will, and remove or at a minimum create a positive tension for someone coming to Christ, well then I guess that is what I need to do.

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