The perfect up-sell?

“Would you like Fries with that?”

Who remembers that? Probably every one of us. The perfect up-sell. It is a classic line that has now ingrained so far into our minds that who can imagine a burger without fries?

For those of us who frequent “a major coffee chain that shall remain nameless”, I have noticed that the highly trained barista’s have moved pass this line. Now, the up-sell comment is much more presumptuous. In the drive thru they repeat back your coffee order, and then say, “And what pastries will you be having this morning?”
Huh? I wanted a pastry? How do they know they know I love pastries? Well, now that you mention it, a tasty pastry does sound good…
Without even missing a beat, the barista has used the power of suggestion to entice a greater purchase. The $4.50 purchase has just increased to $7.00. Hello profit!

Why can’t service engineers do that?
After a service call is complete, are we asking the customer, “Is there anything else you need?” “Is everything else running ok?” Alternatively, how about, “Are there any other problems with any other equipment here at the site that I can help with?”

This is opportunity to up-sell, and not in the cheesy way, “insert major coffee chain name here” does it. We can ask the good questions, to genuinely assist the customer with their equipment. If we can engage the customer like this, with semi-regularity, this can open up a world a positive interaction with the customer.

Increased service revenue will naturally fall out of the sky when a customer is engaged in this way.
Even if, the “brick of a customer purchase order” does not hit you in the head, other opportunities might. The opportunities to increase customer trust or an equipment sales opportunity may arise.

At the very least if you do this the other person within the exchange will be left with a positive feeling that someone, on this day, cared enough to ask how they were doing and if they needed any help. That, my friends, could be the key to something much greater then all of this.

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