The spark that ricochets in all directions

“ Doesn’t it bother you that God knows the answer to the problem you’re trying to solve?”  

   This question aired during a tense time of technological despair when attempting to reconfigure a HDTV and associated sound system with the countdown of a playoff football game looming. The innocence of the questioner not overlooked, though I was not completely sure if she was serious or if she was halfheartedly trying to clown on me just to see what would happen. Bless her heart; she and her family are my dearest friends. This young woman loves God, is a gifted student, and is going places. It will be a tremendous day to witness the work she will one day achieve for the Kingdom. Which makes this even more confusing to why at that particular time she felt this question was a good idea? Of course, being a fully certified, half-crazed Type ‘A’ personality, she gently received her answer while installing the last HDMI cable.  “Well, let us consider the man’s choice of free will in the context of God’s great providence. You see, God could install the TV, as he knows how it should be hooked up He designed it, but what fun would that be for us right now. I consider this as a task He has charged me to deal with.”   Ha! So there, off the cuff Christian apologetic at its finest. Next, let us talk about the Trinity during halftime! All joking aside and after the outstanding victory of our football team, it got the mind thinking.

The growth of a person’s Christian faith can come at any time. I strongly doubt my friend’s daughter was waiting patiently for the football game to start, while mulling over the idea of foreknowledge in Determinism and Predestination as it relates to the human choice of free will. Her well-timed and quite funny question led to another question, and then to another. This led to a recently purchased book to look up Predestination and to review its theory as provided by contemporary essayists. She could not have known the chain of events that occurred with a simple question. No one knows the small spark that one person provides to other. Small sparks of the Christian faith must be carefully fanned into a glowing flame for Jesus. That spark can ricochet in all directions. With my weak and off the cuff Christian apologetic reply, my hope is all within earshot took just a small moment to consider the thought, “Jesus really is in control of all this. The great friendship, the plentiful food, the warmth of a loving home, and even a football team to cheer for, it is all His.”
Go Hawks!

“but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,” 1 Peter 3:15 (NIV)

2 thoughts on “The spark that ricochets in all directions

  1. God certainly does have all the answers, He is omniscient. However, just like other relationships we have, He wants us to choose to open up to Him and seek Him. We often can tell a friend is going through something, but we truly appreciate it when they open up and share with us what is going on. It helps develop trust and closeness in a relationship and the same is true with God. Even though He already knows what we are going through, He wants us to share it with Him. Hope your friends were able to see how you were glorifying God in the moment.

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