A Nonsensical Picture

A Nonsensical Picture

Found this gem at bottom of the internet. (Copyright unknown. If it is yours, I’m really sorry to you and for you.  Your in my prayers.)

It never ceases to astonish, the inadequate thinking that abounds. Reference the bible in hand and the context of the picture is that is faith passed down from generation to generation is bad. Oh, I get it. How clever, drawing the visual comparison as an ancestor crudely throwing-up into the brain of the younger generation.

How incredible arrogant to think that the older generation has nothing to offer the younger generation. Previous experience, history (personal or corporate) and stories from where one came from ought to be cherished. Why read a book about a past event, when you can speak directly with the person who lived it? It then goes from a static information exchange to a dynamic exchange. Questions are asked; conclusions are drawn and considered, with the whole process starting over as the conversation continues to evolve. It’s amazing what can be learned from a interaction with an elder.

This artist may never know how fallacious their thinking with this picture is. To assume that passing down faith from generation to generation is wrong, is deceptive. Any parent does this multiple times, with a multitude of subjects other than faith. Their definition of morality and worldview are two topics that are not to be omitted from the conversation. Not communicating your belief system is to your children is irresponsible, and will only hurt their development in the end. Objective truth of any subject matter should be sought after, not blind obedience. Of course, how can any domain of the sciences evolve with passing down learned knowledge from generation to generation? To disparage a generational communication of faith is the same as to ridicule the continued generational communication (progress) of a scientific discipline.

In the arena of competing worldview views, it is always appreciated when both sides come to the table ready to earnestly discuss the topic. In a culture that thrives on imagery, this “art” sanctifying the spirituality of naturalism does absolutely nothing to move the conversation forward.

2 thoughts on “A Nonsensical Picture

  1. That image does seem to capture the essence of the (false) narrative of modern naturalism, doesn’t it?

    Just to add my own thoughts:
    It seems that this view of the past can only thrive in a group ignorant of the past. Personally, I’m inclined to blame the Enlightenment thinkers, and their insistence that greatness is not mastering the wisdom of the elders, but smashing it to build a brave new world.

    Since then, we modern people seem to have little time or respect for past generations. And I think this is the problem; explaining why the wisdom of the past is valuable requires knowledge of the past–which many of us simply do not possess.

    1. I agree, “explaining why wisdom of the past is valuable requires knowledge of the past–which many of us simply do not possess.” And this is disheartening. Imagery should stimulate critical thinking. People seem to leave out the critical part and just jump to the first likely conclusion. Thanks for the comment!

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