Re-Blog- Simon Sinek on Leadership – TED2014 – YouTube

I don’t agree with Simon’s worldview, but I like his thoughts and his critical thinking process regarding these problems.

Watch the video and consider what Jesus taught during his ministry about leadership and serving others.

I found this video helpful.

Simon Sinek on Leadership – TED2014 – YouTube


Leadership Is A No Excuses Thing | Chris LoCurto | Leadership & Small Business

Excellent points on leadership.  We quickly place claim on a “positive” result while backpedaling away from a “poor” result.

Own the result good or bad!   Make change changes and press on…

Leadership Is A No Excuses Thing | Chris LoCurto | Leadership & Small Business.

How do you define, “Made a Difference?”

Any opportunity offered to create a “difference” is a gift to be grasped.  The longer I play in the arena of customer service and field engineering those opportunities become less and less on the business side.  Many businesses appear to have a great affection for attempting to measure the “difference” or “impact” of an event.  Some these measurements are laughable at best with the rise of social media and the speed that customer perceptions can change.

On the personal side, those occasions can be self-created and hence more rewarding.  My “difference” is creating a situation where a person can achieve growth.  Whether this growth is in their thinking or in how they consider a situation, or how a small change can influence other aspects of their lives.  Accomplishing this has the two-fold benefit of positively affecting both parties doubling the effect.

Get Organized!

Did you know there is annual “Get Organized” month? For the past 9 years the National Association of Organizers has sponsored each January as the month to “Get Organized”.

“Annual Get Organized Month” each January to help folks take control of their time, tasks and possessions, 83% of members polled say that “paper organization” ranks highest on their individual and corporate clients’ to-do lists.”

83% percent of members of an organization that organized the organizers… Sorry, maybe I’m the only one who thought that was funny, but apparently this is what we have come to. Organizing the Organizers!

While the silliness of the statement stands out, the message should not be lost. Now is the time to get ready and prepare for the new year.

• Clean out the van.
• Shovel out your “pile” of clutter in the garage. (Your significant other will thank you for this!)
• Simplify or create a new home office space.
• Update your calendar, contacts, and site listings.
• Make a list of customers to focus on in 2013.
• Look at the current service offering programs and compile them one easy to use file.
• Develop a simple tracking system for talking to each of your customers about their needs and issues.
• Develop a “go-to” method explaining how we can help them with their problems and provide solutions, and practice delivering it.
• Pull together a list of “key” company contacts for helping you assist your customers with solutions. Better to do this now than in the “heat” of battle.

Just a small amount of simple discipline will get you far.
Completing just a few or all of these simple steps will step you up professionally and personally for a great new year!

Go have some fun! It’s all a gift, be sure to be thankful for it!

Happy New Year!